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Searching for A Wireless Network Router

Searching for A Wireless Network Router
When acquiring a brand-new wireless router your focus need to be on how you anticipate to utilize your wireless house network and not the current trend, buzzword or wiz bang function.
Beginning by acknowledging which kind of network user you are. Network users usually fall under among 3 classifications:
Web surfers
Web surfers
Web surfers usually do not put a huge need on a wireless network. They merely wish to sit easily in a remote area on the sofa or by the swimming pool, browse the internet, send out e-mails and print out a file or more every once in a while. A Wireless-G router is more than enough for this kind of network user. Wireless-G (Max 108 MB per second) routers and adapters are low-cost and backward-compatible with wireless N.
While streamers do their reasonable share of surfing they are primarily into sharing files from computer system to computer system. They invest a great deal of time looking for and downloading huge motion picture, music and video files to a central computer system and streaming out to numerous PCs on the network. Video and multimedia files put a heavy load on a wireless network and need to not be disrupted by other activities.
The very best kind of wireless router for Streamers is a wireless-N (Max 320MB per second) router that uses MIMO (Multiple antennas) to fill the room with a signal that seemingly comes in from all directions. Lots of wireless N routers likewise have actually a features called QOS which allows you to enhance your network for video.
Many Gamers feel the only beneficial purpose for a computer is running the current video games and hanging out in chatroom with their close friends. Games are timing delicate applications which require the fastest, greatest signal possible to run without lag or hanging.
Gamers can typically be found in close proximity to other Surfers and Streamers who can easily become frustrated about the lack of bandwidth left over by Gamers. The type of wireless router needed in a household filled with Gamers, Surfers and Streamers far exceeds the capabilities of your typical wireless G or even N router.
The best kind of wireless router for this family is a dual band wireless router which permits you to run 2 entirely various networks from the same router. Dual band routers allow you to run your networks on totally different frequency bands to keep them from interfering with or "stepping on" each other.
You can set up your dual band wireless router as follows:
SSID # 1 2.47 GHZ Band. (Wireless G, N) Surfing, printing and file sharing.
SSID # 2 5 GHZ Band. (Wireless N, A) Gaming and video, music streaming.
Of course a dual band router is much more expensive than a wireless-G or wireless-N router but they are coming down in rate. If you, your loved ones are serious about getting the most from a wireless network a dual band wireless router is the way to go.

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