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FEATURES TIPS & TRICKS Computer Tips & Tricks Everyone Should Know

Web Browsing Tricks

Automatically add www. and .com to a URL You can shave off a couple of seconds typing in a URL by simply click CTRL + Enter after you type the name of the site. Need .net instead of .com, press CTRL + Shift + Enter instead.
Jump to address bar There are a number of ways to jump right to the address bar from anywhere in browser. Pressing CTRL + L, F6, and ALT + D all accomplish this goal.
Bring back a closed tab We covered this already, but it's super useful. Accidentally closed a tab? Simply press CTRL + Shift + T to reopen the most recently closed tab and get back to what you were doing.
Use private browsing The uses for not having cookies and history saved are obvious for certain activities, you know, like shopping for gifts on a shared computer (of course!). Pressing CTRL + Shift + N will launch a new private in Chrome, CTRL + Shift + P will do it in Firefox and Internet Explorer.
Cycle through open tabs Pressing CTRL + TAB while in a browser will flip between each one. This can be much faster than moving the mouse and clicking on a tab. CTRL + NUM (1, 2, 3, 4, n..) will also take you to certain tab in that numeric order.

File Management Tricks

Rename a file quickly Right-clicking and selecting rename is not very efficient. Instead, simply press F2 while a file is selected to change its name. To alter the name of another file, type TAB without deselecting the current file.
Rename files sequentially in Windows You actually don’t need to download any programs to perform a batch file rename in Windows. Instead, you can select all the files you want to change, right-click the first one in the list, select rename (or use F2), and type in the name. This will automatically change all the other files with the same root name with a suffix: (1), (2), and so on.
Select multiple files using the keyboard To select a bunch of files using your keyboard, you can press Shift + down arrow to select a single file or Shift + Page Down to select a large group of files at one time.

Typing Tricks

Delete an entire word Instead of deleting a single letter, pressing CTRL + BKSP will delete the entire word behind the cursor. This makes deleting text quicker if you screw up a whole word.
Move Cursor to beginning of the next or previous word Moving the cursor around manually while typing is a great way to make your work take longer than it needs to. To speed of the process, move the cursor around with keyboard shortcuts. To move it to the beginning of the previous word, use CTRL + Left Arrow. To move it to the beginning of the next word, use CTRL + Right Arrow. In OS X you can accomplish the same using the Option key.
Making sub and superscript text If you need to make sub or superscript text (think exponents for superscript), press CTRL + = for subscript and CTRL + SHIFT + = for superscript.

Security Tips

Run programs on an infected PC Often times, malware will prevent a computer from running certain programs. Changing the name of the .exe file can often override this. If that doesn’t work, changing the extension to .com is another useful alternative, and the program will still be able to run in spite of the extension change.
Read installers Even major programs can install toolbars and other unwanted pieces of software during installation. Take a few seconds to read each step to make sure you are not agreeing to install something other than the program you were actually seeking. Far too often people just push next over and over, and end up with a browser covered in various search bars that just aren't needed. In the worst of scenarios, these can have nefarious intentions.
Lock your computer if you get up Sick of your "friends" going onto your computer at work or home and posting things on your Facebook/Twitter page on your behalf? It’s certainly an annoyance, but an easy one to prevent. Windows + L will lock your system right away, requiring a password (if you've set one) to log in again.

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Home Ear Care for Small Ear

Cleaning your ears

  • Clean your ears with extra care. Wipe the outer ear with a washcloth or tissue. Do not put anything into your ear smaller than your elbow. Do not use Q-tips, bobby pins or sharp pointed objects to clean your ears. These objects may injure the ear canal or eardrum.
  • Earwax is the ear's mechanism for self cleaning. If you have a build-up of wax that is blocking your hearing, see your doctor to have it removed.
  • If you experience itching or pain in your ears, consult with your primary care physician to determine the appropriate treatment and to determine if you need to see a specialist.
  • If you have pierced ears, clean your earrings and earlobes regularly with rubbing alcohol.

Illness and Medications

  • Reduce the risk of ear infections by treating upper respiratory (ears, nose, throat) infections promptly.
  • Some illnesses and medical conditions can affect your hearing. If you experience sudden hearing loss or have constant noise in your ears or head, see an ear doctor promptly.
  • Drainage from the ear is not normal and usually suggests infection. See your doctor as soon as possible.
  • Some medications can affect hearing. Take medications only as directed, and consult your doctor if you experience unusual hearing, balance problems, or ringing in the ears.
  • Check it out : Ear shape can tell a lot about your character.


  • At home or work, wear hearing protection during exposure to loud levels of noise. This includes mowing the lawn, leaf blowing or using power tools. By law, a noisy work environment requires use of hearing protection. Hunting shops and some garden centers carry ear-protecting headgear.
  • Ear buds, such as those that come with an IPOD or MP3 player, do not protect your hearing. Also, listening to music while using power tools is dangerous to your hearing and should be avoided.
  • Please buy: Earbuds for Small Ears
  • When using stereos and home theater systems, avoid high volume levels. If you think it is too loud, it probably is.
  • When using personal sound systems, the volume should be at a comfortable level. If someone else can hear what you are listening to, the volume is too high. Remove the headphones from time to time to give your ears a rest.
  • Wear earplugs at rock concerts, nightclubs and motor sporting events.
  • Keep automobile sound systems at sensible volumes. This can help you avoid hearing damage and allow you to hear and yield to emergency vehicles.

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Appraisal of Earphone and also Headphone Market to reach US

Future Market Insights (FMI) supplies vital insights on the international earphone and also headphone market in its latest report labelled "Earphone as well as Earphone Market: Global Market Evaluation and Opportunity Evaluation, 2015-2025". In regards to worth and also quantity, the worldwide earphone as well as headphone market is projected to broaden at a CAGR of 7.0% as well as 4.1%, respectively, throughout the forecast period because of various growth factors, concerning which FMI uses crucial understandings thoroughly in this record.

On the basis of product type, the market has been segmented right into wired and also wireless earphone and headphone sectors. In terms of value, the wired earphone and headphone segment represented over 65% share of the global earphone as well as headphone market in 2014, and also is expected to witness a decrease of 1,240 BPS in its market share by the end of 2025. On the basis of rate, the marketplace is fractional into superior cost, mid-price and also low price. The costs cost sector made up 37.9% value share in 2014, which is projected to increase to 39.1% by the end of 2025, observing a gain of 120 Basis Factor Share. The section is estimated to broaden at a CAGR of 7.3% during the forecast period.

In this record, the marketplace is segmented by distribution network into multi-brand shop, single/mono brand store (company-owned shop) and on the internet store sectors. In terms of value, the on the internet shop section is anticipated to increase at the greatest CAGR of 9.1% during the projection duration. In contrast, the multi-brand store section is predicted to dominate the international earphone and also earphone market, representing 40.3% worth share of the general market by the end of 2025.

The multi-brand shop section is more sub-segmented right into organised store and also independent store. In regards to worth, the organised store sub-segment controlled the market with 69.7% share in 2014 and also is predicted to proceed its dominance, representing 73.6% market share by the end of 2025.

Application wise, the worldwide earphone and headphone market is fractional into media and home entertainment, sporting activities, video gaming, personal and also business sectors. Amongst these sections, the individual sector controlled the overall earphone as well as earphone market in terms of worth with 37.7% market share, which is projected to increase to 43.5% by the end of 2025, expanding at a CAGR of 8.4% throughout the forecast duration.

Growth of the global earphone as well as earphone market is mostly owned by enhancing disposable income, expanding fostering of smart phones and increasing number of songs streaming customers. Mobile phone and also existing headphone makers are increasingly likely in the direction of expanding their best earphone under 100 dollars and earphone portfolio in order to enhance their visibility on the market.

This record covers trends driving each segment as well as respective sub-segments and uses analysis and also insights of the possibility of the earphone and also headphone market in specific areas. By region, Asia Pacific Leaving out Japan (APEJ) controlled the earphone as well as earphone market, making up over 50% share of the overall market in regards to both worth and quantity in 2014, as well as is prepared for to remain leading till the end of 2025. Adoption of practical cash-on-delivery repayment alternatives for earphone and earphone as opposed to traveling to traditional stores is on the surge in Asia.

A few of the key players identified in worldwide earphone and also headphone market are Beats (Apple Inc.), Plantronics Pty Ltd., Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. KG, Sony Company, GN Netcom A/S(Jabra), Harman International Industries, Inc. (AKG), Bose Company, JVC Firm, Philips Electronics Ltd. and also Audio-Technica Corporation. Significant players out there follow the method of presenting ingenious and also affordable earphones and headphones to buy out competitors.

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How you can Bass Boost Headphones

For most people, the high quality of an earphone depends upon its capacity to supply a terrific bass sound. Depending on your type of songs, having a fantastic bass is fascinating particularly for those who enjoy hip-hop, rock, and also other genres which produces low-frequency sounds. So having a headphone that develops a wonderful quality of bass is virtually mandatory.

There are lots of headphones on the market nowadays that generates top notch sound (especially the bass) but the majority of them are rather costly. Don't worry however since there are ways to have an earphone that gives top quality noise but is significantly more affordable compared to other earphones. If you are short on budget and wish to discover a choice on ways to get an inexpensive headphone with a great bass audio, we will show you how to improve bass on basically any type of kind of headphones be it cheap or high-end.

There are many means to improve the bass on your earphones and also here we offer you with a few instances:

Earphone Bass Alteration

Initially, you need to collect the tools had to wage this procedure. Here are the materials required:

* Your set of earphones that has to be boosted (clearly).

* 1x screwdriver (Philips).

* 1x screwdriver with level head.

Since you have all the materials, you could proceed to the primary step of our tutorial.

Action 1: Getting rid of the Headphone Real estate.

image by means of

In order to get rid of the casing of your earphone, you should first loosen up screws that are spread all over it. Make use of a Philips screwdriver to remove these screws and also set them apart making certain not to shed them while you do the modification. It is encouraged to put them in a secure container to make sure that they won't be lost.

Step 2: Scuffing the Rear of the Audio speaker.

As you could see in the picture above, the back of the audio speaker has a somewhat silver covering. The next point that we are going to do is to remove that silver finish in order for the audio speaker to vent more air inside therefore developing a much more powerful as well as crisp sound (particularly the bass). In order to get rid of that, obtain a flat goinged screwdriver and also chip away at those silver parts. You should beware not to damage the holes.

Step 3: Puncturing of the Holes.

For the next step, we should puncture those openings as seen above. You will need a tiny screwdriver for this (ideally one with a level head). Penetrate the holes lightly as well as see to it that the recurring tapes or paper will certainly not drop inside the holes. You can do this by scooping the paper/tape in an outward direction or you can tilt the whole speaker to ensure that the holes face the ground while puncturing. This way the tape/paper will certainly drop straight right into the ground as well as not inside the holes while you puncture them. The reason behind the puncturing of these holes is that your audio speaker will certainly duct much more air inside therefore making the audio resonate in a larger room. This will increase the quality of the sound and also generate a somewhat powerful bass compared to in the past.

Step 4: Completing and Recapping of the Earphone.

After you have actually penetrated the holes, it is currently time to recap the speakers and also reassemble the real estate. In shutting the headphones, see to it to tighten the screws correctly as failing to do so may create some leak of air as well as might ultimately reduce the top quality of the sound your earphone will create. You Also can buy a good headphone under 200 dollars
Natural leather Substitute.

Most of the inexpensive headphones readily available on the market are fitted with low-quality natural leather as well as often these are the reasons for discomfort and decrease in the quality of noise. When these fake leathers touch with your ears for an extended duration, this may create comfort problems or even hatreds some people. One option is to change these leathers with high-quality natural leathers that can be purchased online and specific shops in your locale relying on where you live.

When you buy among these substitutes, see to it to check the high quality and sturdiness of the products. It is additionally encouraged to research study for testimonials on the product as well as check out comments in order to fully understand the specifications of the product you are mosting likely to get. By the time you have the item you must be totally satisfied with its specs as well as efficiency base upon the study you have actually done.

These replacements come with handbooks on how you can place them right into your earphones and most of the time, the procedure is quite easy. You just have to eliminate the old natural leather and also refit the replacement and you excel to go.

Bass Improvement through Control board or via a Third Party Application.

For those individuals that utilize their headphones on a computer system, laptop computer or mobile phones, there is also a different way of boosting the high quality of the noise of your headphones specifically the lower regularities. This approach is the most convenient and it does not need you to damage your earphones physically therefore staying clear of possible damage to your gadget. This approach entails tweaking of the settings offered in the Control Panel.

There are a lot of videos that supply tutorials on ways to do bass boost on COMPUTER. Here is an example.

These are simply a few of the multitude of means on the best ways to enhance the bass on your earphones. One straightforward technique is to always search online and also with just sufficient persistance, you will have the ability to locate the method that works for you.

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What does it cost? Do You Find out about Headphones?

In our present life, individuals can see headphones almost everywhere. Despite where you are, in your house, outside the door, all kinds of English paying attention assessments, it seems that the earphone is crucial. From the development of headphone to the here and now, it is establishing with the development of technology.

The earphone products are obtaining mature from the very first 2 tiny speakers in your ears in time. Whether the kind of earphones or wearing designs, also the pronunciation of the core unit, it has a lot of adjustments. This post will certainly present the technological adjustments of earphone from the creation till currently.

The initial earphone is a two pronunciation systems hanging on the edge of ears, up to now it has actually established numerous kinds of earphones. Taking it mostly, consisting of headphone, ear plugs, ear loop as well as the brand-new growth bone conduction headphones.

Going putting on earphones are the initial type of earphones. As comparing to the other type of earphones, it is poor in the specific of touch and also is aggravation in lugging.

Earplug is an innovative innovation in the growth of earphone under 100 dollars. The little dimension makes it really comfort to make use of outdoors. As urban establishing, ecological noise boosts, in-ear monitor is a brand-new breakthrough item that be better for the outdoors applying.
Ear loophole can be considered as an intermediate product of earphone and earplug. It is extremely gorgeous in putting on. Nonetheless, it does not have any clear attributes.
Bone transmission headphone is a relatively brand-new modern technology, in making use of resonance theory, sending the audio through the skull to the paying attention center straight. However, this item is still not prominent; it is uncertain whether it could bring to an advanced breakthrough for the headphone.

According to the application of earphone, the sort of headphone becomes enriched. Typically, it falls into 3 kinds as open, closed as well as semi-open headphone.

Open earphones generally bring a sense of convenience while listening, will not create any pressure to the ears. It is applicable to take pleasure in music interior. However this type of earphone has a terrific effect on the atmosphere, with a certain local limitation.

Closed earphones are commonly used in the tracking locations, it comes with a soft tone pad to wrap the ear, so the ear could stay clear of from being disrupted by the loud setting while paying attention music.

Semi-open earphone is a modern kind of headphone that incorporates both the benefits of the two earphones over. It is preferred amongst the teenagers in the process of paying attention music by mobile phones, mp3 and personal stereos and so on it can not be completely over the ears, but can lower outdoors sound.

The headphone is now moving in the direction of to the advancement of cordless as well as sound reduction. It is extra freedom while making use of the cordless headphone, with the development of modern technology, wireless innovation obtaining fully grown, making certain the sound high quality of wireless headphone. In our day-to-days live, Bluetooth headphone is a finest use of cordless headphone, it is rapidly establishing at present as the growth of the smart phones.

As the city's noise pollution getting serious outdoor, throughout utilizing common earphones, in order to cover the noise, what we can do is boosting the volume. So it complies with that you could not delight in the terrific songs but additionally have a wonderful love by yourself hearing. The introduction of sound decrease earphones makes a good solution to this concern. For instance, beast beats studio, the sound decrease professional.

Beast beats studio is the proper earphone of the NBA celebrity Kobe. It possesses a special style of strong sound decrease. There is no should boost your earphone's volume outdoors, makes you take pleasure in the music much better and shield your ears at the same time.

The advancement of earphone is quickly, just as the advancement of technology. Until now, the headphone has actually been 70 years of development history. We could not forecast the future of headphone, nowadays, it is a bardian times, everybody has different tastes, so they are expecting having a music space for their very own, the earphone are approaching to this goal. In the end of this write-up, we wish every consumer could purchase an excellent item.

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10 Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

10 Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

Browsing slowing to a crawl, the inability to stream, dropped Wi-Fi signals, wireless dead zones-- every one of these issues is frustrating in a world where getting online has ended up being, for some, as needed as breathing. Well, maybe not that crucial, however essential. If the only way you can get decent reception is to be in the exact same room as your wireless router, these easy tips can assist enhance your network.

Range is the most obvious problem-- there is a certain optimal variation that the wireless signal can take a trip. If the network has to cover a location larger than the router is capable of transferring to, or if there are great deals of corners to go around and walls to penetrate, performance will take a hit. Disturbance is likewise a big issue, specifically for those who reside in largely populated areas. Signals from other cordless networks and electronic devices can affect speeds, as can physical blockages, such as walls. Numerous phone systems and other wireless gadgets can likewise hinder signals. This is a good thing to think about when you are looking for a brand-new phone system-- a lot of them utilize DECT 6.0 nowadays, which coexists really nicely with standard Wi-Fi networks.

It's likewise possible the problem isn't disturbance or other networks. Is there a possibility you have undesirable visitors piggybacking on your network? You can always take a look at your router's administrator interface to see how many gadgets are linked. Or use a network analyzer tool to see if you have unidentified makers on your network. If it's an open network, close it. Establish security-- preferably WPA2, as WEP isn't really as strong-- and put in a strong password that's hard for others to guess.

There are many other reasons why your connection might be less than suitable. Luckily, we have some troubleshooting tips to help, and a number of them won't cost you a dime.
1. Update Your Router's Firmware
Perhaps your router simply requires an update. Router makers are constantly tweaking software to eke out a little more efficiency and speed. How easy-- or how hard-- it is to upgrade your firmware depends totally on your device maker and design. The majority of current routers have the update process developed right into the administration interface, so it's just a matter of hitting a firmware upgrade button. Some designs, particularly if they're older, still require you to first discover and download the firmware from the router producer's site. It's tedious, but still a good idea to do.

In fact, even if your wireless network isn't ailing, you ought to just make it a point to update your firmware regularly. You will get performance enhancements, better features, and security updates that way. Here's the best ways to access your router's settings.

Move It, Move It
2. Optimum Router Positioning
Not all spaces and areas are created equal. The fact is, where you put the router can affect your wireless coverage. It may appear sensible to have the router inside a cabinet and out of the way, or right by the window where the cable comes in, but that's not always the case. A wired router can be hidden, out of sight, from mind. A wireless router, on the other hand, needs open spaces, far from walls and blockages. It's not simply physical blockages either; heavy-duty appliances or electronic devices running in close proximity can impact Wi-Fi efficiency.

If your router has external antennas, orient them vertically to bump up protection. Raise the router if you can. You can mount it on a wall, or put it on top of a shelf or a table to obtain a much better signal. There are lots of tools to help you envision your network protection. I personally like Heatmapper, or our Editors' Choice, inSSIDer for Workplace, which reveals you both the weak and strong areas in your Wi-Fi network. There are a lot of mobile apps, too, such as Netgear's WiFi Analytics.

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Tips to protect your business' cordless network

Enamored by Wi-Fi's convenience, we tend to be blind to its threats. Many routers are riddled with security holes that leave your data exposed to enterprising hackers and other intruders. And if you're running a business, the jeopardy is even greater. To keep your wireless network secure, follow these eight security tips.

Change the default password
If you didn't do it when you established your router, instantly alter the default password. This is a vital step considered that the default passwords for all network equipment suppliers are widely known and just a quick search away.

Use only WPA2 file encryption
The unidirectional nature of Wi-Fi signals demands using encryption to prevent next-door neighbors or harmful parties from spying on your online activities. Despite the fact that the alternative is still readily available for legacy reasons, prevent WEP encryption as it can be cracked in minutes. Usage just WPA2, which presents a brand-new AES-based encryption for much better security over WPA. There's actually no excuse not to: Every Wi-Fi router bearing the Wi-Fi trademark today supports it, as does every cordless device and Wi-Fi adapter card made in the last few years.

Utilize an intricate passphrase
Regardless of the lack of known weak points in WPA2, it is vulnerable to strength attacks when utilized with an easily thought passphrase. Specialized software application makes it trivial for assaulters to process recorded wireless data packets against big dictionary lists to obtain a match. To foil such attacks, use a passphrase including at least 25 characters consisting of a mix of letters (upper and lower case), characters and symbols.

Prevent common SSID names
One typical suggestion is to not relay the SSID (Service Set Identification). While this could be used to throw off novice efforts at breaking in, concealing the SSID is worthless against a half-competent hacker.

Nevertheless, it's good practice to not use the default SSID, in addition to common names. Hackers have established pre-computed tables of password hashes referred to as a "rainbow table" to discover the WPA passphrase quickly. These tables are keyed to individual SSIDs, and using one that is not on the list would force an opponent to adopt a more time consuming method without the advantage of a ready-to-use rainbow table.

Disable WPS
If your Wi-Fi router supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), disable it. Created as an easy to use method for users to include new gadgets to their network, the WPS PIN is an 8-digit number printed on the label of WPS-enabled devices. Depending upon vendor implementation, nevertheless, it is likely to be prone to strength attacks.

WPS makes it easier to include gadget to your network, however it likewise makes your network more vulnerable.
An assaulter can break the PIN code of a susceptible device with in between 4 to 10 hours of automated effort, which would permit them to recover your secret passphrase and make changes to your Wi-Fi hardware.

Establish a guest network
It would be bad form to reject buddies and relatives access to your Wi-Fi network when they're checking out. But distributing the fixed passphrase to everyone is bad security. Rather, set up a different wireless network under a 2nd SSID, a function supported by an increasing number of cordless routers. Having a separate network for guests permits you to consistently alter the passphrase without impacting your very own gadgets. You can even disable it totally when not in use.

Forget MAC address filtering
The MAC (media access control) address is a distinct identifier hardcoded to specific ethernet ports and Wi-Fi devices. Nevertheless, the actual efficiency of this is dubious, because it's unimportant to spoof a MAC address.

Many Wi-Fi gain access to points will enable you to filter out unauthorized MAC addresses, though the security advantages are dubious.
Unless you understand what you are doing here, we would prompt against using MAC address filtering due to the inconvenience and hassle that can result from a misconfiguration. Furthermore, having to manually add each and every single tablet or smartphone that you get is a performance downer.